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Board of Directors’ Meeting in Copenhagen

DATE - February 10, 2017

The FEE Board of Directors’ Meeting took place on 29th November at the FEE Head Office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Board of Directors are in charge of the overall political management of FEE and their responsibilities include ensuring compliance with the organisation’s objectives and values, recommending policies and plans, approving membership applications, and monitoring performance in relation to plans, budgets, etc. 

The Board usually meet four times a year, normally in February, April, June and October.  The November meeting was an extraordinary one in order to introduce the newly elected Board members. On this occasion, the new Board members arrived a day early to be introduced to FEE Head Office, the International Directors and learn about their political responsibilities regarding the programmes. They were also presented with other tasks for the Board and were brought up to speed with work carried out by the former Board. 

The main issues for discussion at the meeting were the FEE programmes, annual action plans, financial reporting, and sponsorships.

Back-to-back with the BoD meeting, the Learning about Forests (LEAF) International Steering Committee (ISC) meeting took place. The ISC is responsible for supporting and advising the International LEAF Director. The ISC meet twice a year to discuss the development of the LEAF programme.